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Preparing for Your Travel to Malaysia

Single Entry Visa

Before traveling to Malaysia to study In this part you have to make sure that you already receive your visa from your university. Then you should apply for the single entry visa from the Malaysian Embassy in your country. Normally the process will take three days to get the visa from the embassy. Now you should notify your university about your trip schedule to welcome you in the airport and finish the stamping process with immigration counter in the airport.

Travel Ticket and Packing for Travel

Check with your travel agent to make your airline ticket. If you already have your accommodation arranged, you are advised to arrive in KL at least a few days before your course registration, so that you can settle down with your accommodation and the new environment. Also remember that do not book the ticket before you got your visa approval from your university.

When packing your luggage, remember that there are certain restrictions on the weight of luggage when you travel by air. Excess luggage charges can be quite expensive, so sometimes it may be cheaper to leave your books and heavy things at home and buy new ones in Malaysia. Check with your travel agent or airline on how much you can bring, what you are allowed and not allowed to bring into Malaysia.

What Kind of Clothing Should I Bring?

It averages 29 degrees Celsius year round in Malaysia, so leave your sweaters and winter coats at home! You will need both professional attire and casual. During school session, professional attire is required on campus. You may want to bring casual clothing for non-school and off-campus events.

What should I bring with me?

Make yourself feel at home! Bring personal stuff like posters or photographs of your friends and family. If you are bringing any electrical equipment with you, remember that the power supply in Malaysia is 220 – 240 volts / 50 cycle AC system.