Pre-Arrival Information

Study in Malaysia becomes one of the best choose for international Students

i. Please take note of the following when submitting your application to enter a HEI in Malaysia:

  • If you are applying to enter the HEI through a student recruitment agent, it is advisable that you check that the agent is registered with the HEI.
  • When your application has been approved and have decided to enroll in the HEI in Malaysia, please make sure that you have understood all the terms and conditions of admission.
  • Please make sure that you also read the refund policy of the HEI in case you may need to withdraw.

ii.   Before leaving your home country please make sure that you have the following documents:

  • Valid passport (with at least 6 months validity).
  • Letter of acceptance/ letter of admission from the HEI.
  • Entry clearance: Check on requirement at your local Malaysian Consulate or Embassy or High Commission well in advance of your departure. If you have difficulty obtaining a student visa/ student pass please inform the HEI’s International Student Office.
  • Evidence of financial support (documents to show that you have enough money to allow you to complete your course, e.g. letter of scholarship award, bank statements, etc.)

Having all these documents with you will greatly ease your way through customs and immigration clearence.

iii. Other points to note:

  • It is a condition of acceptance that you should not commence study at the HEI unless you have sufficient funds to finance yourself until the end of your course.
  • There is a personal bond fee required by the Malaysian Immigration Department which is payable at your HEI when applying for a student visa. The fee varies from MR200 to MR2000. This fee will be refunded when you have completed your studies.
  • A medical examination is compulsory for all local and international students in Malaysia.

If you have not done it prior to departure from your home country you may have your medical examination done at your HEI.

  • Remember that in addition to tuition fees, you must also take into consideration expenses related to board and lodgings, books, stationery and equipment, clothing, travel expenses, holidays and entertainment. If accompanied by spouse and children, it is advisable that the student and family members provide proof that they have sufficient funds to meet the financial requirements of the family as a whole. (e.g. letter of scholarship award with financial undertaking by the sponsor, bank statements, etc.). The estimated annual cost of living expenses (excluding tuition fees and accommodation costs) for each student is USD2,500, and USD2,000 for each family member. The fees for schooling your children at international schools in Malaysia may vary, but on average it is about USD2500 per year per child. Please ensure that you enquire about schooling for your children from your HEI.

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