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Student Visa Process in Malaysia

How to get Student Visa to Malaysia
Student Visa

The Malaysian government policy, through the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and the support of the Immigration Department of Malaysia, is to encourage international students to study in institutions of higher learning in Malaysia. Applicants will have to meet minimum visa requirements and will have to show evidence of their ability to finance their studies and living expenses in Malaysia.

In most cases, your university through its International Students’ Office will submit the student visa application to the governments agencies. The university g first will send the Visa Approval letter (VAL – VDR in Malaya language) to you. Secondly, you need to submit the letter to the Malaysian Embassy in your country to get the single entry visa. Getting the single entry visa is important for all international students. Public universities will ask you to create your application in Education Malaysia Global Services ( EMGS ) for visa process. You can either make the payment through the EMGS system or through the institute.

Student visa in Malaysia required documents

There are several documents that need to prepare for your visa process

  • Offer letter from any university in Malaysia
  • Certificates and transcript of your previous studies
  • Medical check up form suggested by EMGS in any overseas panel clinic
  • Personal Photo with white background 3.5 * 4.5 cm
  • Passport all pages including the blank pages
  • Visa fees requested by university and EMGS
Student visa in Malaysia process timeline

The student visa process in Malaysia will go through several stage as follow

First Step
Prepare the document

As mentioned above the required document need to be ready before applying for student visa in Malaysia. Click the link for more details

First Step
Second Step
University apply for student visa

The university will handle the visa process and create application in EMGS. Some universities will ask you to apply yourself to EMGS. Click the link for more details

Second Step
Third Step
EMGS process your application

EMGS will check your documents and notify you if there is problem in your document through their online application track. The will arrange the need letters to be send to Malaysian Immigration Department for approval. click the link for more details

Third Step
Fourth Step
Getting the approval and Single Entry Visa

Once you get the visa approval letter you need to visit the Malaysian Embassy in your country and get the Single Entry Visa (SEV). Click the link for more details.

Fourth Step
Fifth Step
Travel and post arrival process

You should notify your institute when will arrive to make sure the representative of the university will wait for you in the immigration counter in Malaysian Airport. Check this link to know more about this process

Fifth Step

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